The Art of Stephen Robert Johns

Nicola Dill/Carol Ring
October 1, 2006 - February 21, 2007

Artists' Showcase Series
11911 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Brentwood District Branch
Hours: M-F 9-6 PM; Sat 9-2 PM


Nicola Dill has a sensitive eye. Her subtle photographic work conveys the many moods and characteristics of the sea and sky, as well as the environment that is the immediate border between these two elements: the finely textured sand, molded by waves and wind. Seaweed, tossed within in the ocean's currents and frozen in an instant, only to disappear. Grasses blown by the on-shore winds, revealing a depth of rich texture, shadows and movement. Clouds in subtle shades of whites, grays and blues mimic the ocean's thoughts. Within this oceanic world, no people can be seen. No birds or any other life forms, be it man or aquatic, are visible. There is only ONE visible life form: the sea, with it's primal foundation of sand, water, seaweed and shoreline grasses. And the reflection of a muted sunlight upon the sea itself, interacting, ever changing and framed upon the airy sky.

Carol Ring, on the other hand, has an eye for the obvious- the obvious we should see, but miss. The obvious we don't see until we look harder. As introspective as Nicola Dill is with her subtle photographs of the seascape, Carol Ring focuses her camera on garish colors- colors represented in gritty, urban signage found in the city as every day signs created for the purpose of direction, advertising; and signs created by graffiti artists- "taggers," making their own artistic, signage statement. Assembled as interlocking grids, or quilts, Ring's letter compositions reflect a social statement representing the present- trendy colors, ads, machine-made type styles, and signs usually recognizable. Yet when her compositions are studied, they surprise the viewer, revealing the not so obvious. These images are interwoven with micro-cropped squares of hand-sprayed graffiti, an art form in itself representing the city, begging for documentation, and making a social statement for NOW...subject matter soon to be either weathered and outdated, torn down, or painted over.

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  The Art of Stephen Robert Johns