The Art of Stephen Robert Johns

Nicola Dill/Carol Ring
October 1, 2006 - February 21, 2007

Artists' Showcase Series
11911 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Brentwood District Branch
Hours: M-F 9-6 PM; Sat 9-2 PM


BANK OF AMERICA proudly presents Artists' Showcase Series, curated by Los Angeles artist Stephen Robert Johns. Mr. Johns is a renowned artist and painter, recognized both nationally and internationally. His work is included in private, public and corporate collections, museums and galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Costa Rica and Japan. Johns has curated exhibitions for the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, LAX; Ruth Bachofner Gallery; and the Don O'Melveny Gallery. Six exhibitions have been scheduled at the Bank of America through 2007.

Two Photographers, a second exhibition at the Bank of America by curator Johns, is an exhibition of contrasting styles, represents digital photo prints in limited edition by Nicola Dill and Carol Ring. Dill's work reflects an eye for nature in subtle hues, depicting grasses in motion, tides forcing themselves upon the sand, skies of broad expanse, all of the time absent of human life. Carol Ring, on the other hand, captures with her lens, urban still life- graffiti and commercial signage, etched along the sidewalks, highways and manipulated into a grid of city view-sheds. Opposites attract, and in this case, the city and nature come together.

For further inquiries, please contact Mr. Johns:
Telephone, 310.490.8172 • 310.399.1543
Web site,

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  The Art of Stephen Robert Johns