The Art of Stephen Robert Johns

Simple geometric construction, hard edge, landscape studies and aerial views are subject matters for my art, inspired by the Bauhaus masters of Germany, the Zen gardens of Japan, the New York and California Modernists of the Twentieth Century. Sweeping curves, planes and angles- minimal, repeat patterns in architecture, defined with crisp, clean lines and bold, primary colors are composition themes for my paintings.

Painting by Stephen Robert Johns Black & White Painting by Stephen Robert Johns Landscape Paining by Stephen Robert Johns Aerial Image by Stephen Robert Johns Stephen Robert Johns Art Exhibitions

My work is equally inspired by the organic symmetry and geometric patterns of trees, plants and flowers- cylindrical, kinetic bamboo in groves, moving as one in a breeze; palm fronds spiraling away from the trunk; the crescent shapes of iris leaves carpeting the ground; and aerial views of the mountains, rivers and valleys - the geography viewed from an airplane at 30,000'. This inspiration began while flying over the California, Wisconsin, Mexico, and the Central America topography, observing the geometric patterns of crops and interlocking farmlands. Drawings on airsickness bags and watercolor sketches became studies for both organic and geometric paintings, either on hand made paper or canvas, in my Los Angeles and Costa Rica studio.

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